Lawn Irrigation Services & Sprinkler Systems

It is important for your lawn to get enough water - and not too much water! Overwatering your lawn can be just as harmful as not watering your lawn enough. One way to ensure that your lawn is healthy and getting the right amount of water is through irrigation systems.

Michigan summers can leave our lawns dry and begging for water. We know that we cannot depend on rain in July and August like can typically can in the early spring months. Irrigation systems can help keep your grass lush and green - especially when used with fertilization. Irrigation can also helps your lawn live a long healthy life because it only waters your lawn when it needs it. It’s time to say goodbye to hard, brown grass during the summer!

Lawn Irrigation Services:

  • Irrigation Activation 

  • Mid-season check & adjustment 

  • Fall winterization 

  • New system installations  

  • Repairs and maintenance  

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